Access violations adding facts or location suggestions when running RM8 8.2.6 Mac on second screen

When I have RM 8.2.6 on an external monitor, I get access violations when I add a fact to a person or accept a location suggestion (e.g. adding ‘United States’ to the typed location). When I move RM back to my laptop screen I can do the same actions just fine. Is this a known issue and is it being worked on? I’d really like to use all that screen space for RM.

RM 8.2.6, MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 (the highest version my system can run).

I’m not a Mac user, but access violations on a Mac when running RM8 on a second screen are a known issue that is reported frequently.

update 8.2.5 (2nd last) actually fixed access violations on macs. Before that RM8 was essentially unusable since it would crash if your eyelid twitched or if it did not. Macs would crash multiple times over even 30 minutes of “use”.

Right, 8.2.5 did fix some access violations that I experienced. But the ones I mentioned continue to happen with 8.2.5 and 8.2.6.