Unexpected Error when matching to FamilySearch

Every time I click “Match this RootsMagic person to this FamilySearch person” a window pops up warning, “Unexpected Error - Access Violation.”
What is the problem?
The warning recommends to close and restart RootsMagic, but I do not do that. However, this sometimes causes RootsMagic 8 to freeze. Then I must open the Windows Task Manager an use End Task to close RootsMagic.

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I encountered the same “Access Violation” error message and I did attempt to comply with the instruction to " shut down and restart the program". Regrettably, the system locked up completely and the only recourse was Control, Alt, Delete to activate Task Manager and “End Task” there. The purpose of this message is to confirm that this is not an isolated issue on just one personal computer .

There is a procedure to follow when you get Access Violation errors – see Access violation crash - #8 by Harold_Primm
Be warned: running a full virus scan can take several hours. Hope this helps!

I get access violation errors constantly while running RM8. There’s no way I’m going to run a full virus scan, or even shut down the program, every time this happens, or I’d never get anything done. They usually don’t freeze up the whole program, but occasionally they do. I keep hoping they’ll get the bugs worked out soon!

I’ve only had to run the Access Violations procedure once; I haven’t seen an access violation since I did it. My full virus scan took about 2.5 hours (when my antivirus program said it would take 30 minutes…), and the CCleaner and Malwarebytes scans were very quick.

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Thank you, Lydia, that’s good to know. I’ll try to figure out which of the items are applicable to Mac, since the directions are geared for Windows.

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When I click “Match this RootsMagic person to this FamilySearch person” there is an Access Violation Error, RootsMagic freezes, and there a message, “Runtime error 217 at 004F1D30”.

This error occurs when I click the Blue tree FamilySearch symbol for a parent to see the list of his or her children to be matched. There is no error message if I click on the Grey tree FamilySearch symbol of an unmatched person. FamilySearch then proposes the match to a person, which I can accept without any problem and proceed to share data.

I was getting access violation errors frequently, as often as every few minutes, while doing various tasks in the RM program. I’m running Big Sur OS on an iMac. I finally went through all of the steps outlined by RootsMagic support for “cleaning up” the computer.

It took me about 2 days to go through it all, but I’ve used the program for about 2-3 hours today, and gotten only 1 access violation error, while linking people to Ancestry with TreeShare.

I had already run database tools, restarted computer, etc.
For the anti-virus program, I went with Kaspersky Internet Security 2021 for Mac. It took about an hour or so to run the ‘Quick Scan’, which didn’t find anything, and a good 12 hours to run the full scan. It found 5 items, none of which seemed major, but I went ahead and deleted those.

Restarted computer, then downloaded CCleaner for Mac (free version), and ran the “cleaner”, and deleted a lot of duplicate files I had accumulated.

Restarted computer again.
I did not run Malwarebytes, even though it is available for Mac, because I feel like the Kaspersky program already scanned for viruses, malware, etc. No need to duplicate that.

We’ll see how long this helps! But so far, I notice a definite improvement.

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When trying to match people, the “Compare Relations” window appears. Then there is a button, “Match this RootsMagic person to this FamilySearch person.” After I click that button, the next window is, “Unexpected Error – Access Violation.” Then click OK.
I find that if I wait until the information appears before clicking “Match this RootsMagic person to this FamilySearch person,” then RootsMagic 8 is less likely to freeze. There is still “Unexpected Error – Access Violation,” but no Runtime Error 217, and no need to use the Task Manager to close RootsMagic 8.