New FamilySearch issue with RM8

Hello, I am seeing a new issue with FamilySearch / RootsMagic integration in the past few days.

I open an RM file (which has 1300 people, 750 of which are matched). I open the FamilySearch Central window which begins counting the number of people with new information. After a few seconds an Error box pops up that says “Error Family search is not responding” and offers two buttons:

Cancel. Retry

Regardless of whether I press CANCEL or RETRY I see the same behavior:

Either the operation continues incrementing the counter, or the popup reappears and RM* pauses waiting for my input. If the error popup keeps reappearing again and again, then waiting a few seconds or more is enough for things to start working again. This stop/start experience continues until the operation is complete.

Two points:

  1. The CANCEL button does not cancel the operation. I don’t have the ability to close the FamilySearch Central window.
  2. Subjectively it appears that if I wait a longer time - a minute or more before pressing either button I am more likely to see the increment operation to continue for a longer time, which gives me enough time to close the FamilySearch Central window and continue operating RootsMagic normally.

Other Details
I’m seeing this on an Intel iMac running Monterey 12.6.1, RM Activity Monitor shows RootsMagic having zero recent hangs, 38 threads

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not seeing this issue. MBP M1 pro Monterey 12.6.1 400 person file. Need to log in to familysearch but automatch went smoothly and added 25 people to the 213 already matched in 5-10 minutes.

Something is interfering with the internet connection. Could be your provider, security software, or simply the server you are connected to on FamilySearch. I have FamilySearch Central open to update 'What’s New" on my Mac Mini running Monterey, with an M1 chip and haven’t received a message yet.

I updated from RootsMagic 8.2.6 to 8.2.7 last week when the new version was released. I’m experiencing a very similar problem to what is described above by “pbooth99”.

After opening the FamilySearch Central dialog and clicking “Log In”, the FamilySearch Central Dialog counts up changes while the title bar flips rapidly between not logged in and “Welcome…” while CPU load on my MacBook Pro goes higher and remains that way for a couple of minutes. After this, RootsMagic becomes unresponsive and I have to kill the process (Force Quit) using “Activity Monitor”.

I have an older Intel based MacBook Pro running MacOS Big Sur 11.7.1. (Intel Core i7).

I’m happy to help if I can to figure this out.

I can’t recreate this. Still sounds like something is blocking your internet connection.

So the issue doesn’t happen at all times.

One new thing - I am seeing the same behavior with Ancestry, when downloading a tree into a new file.
The download was happy for about five minutes then starts showing a popup “Ancestry is not responding.” In this case it’s a large tree with 50,000 people, and it was 87% complete when it started having problems.

Do you have more than one security or antivirus software installed on the computer?

@pbooth99 I see the same behavior.

I am guessing that the CANCEL choice just skips the person and continues with the next person.

Note that Retry is the default choice so you can just hold the Return key down. When I do that I can the see new information count increasing. So it is not a hard error.

I have a video showing the behavior, if anyone is interested.

@pbooth99 I played around with clicking CANCEL and noticed that when you click it enough times in a row the CPU % increases drastically. This is what I saw:

That is some serious CPU for a 6 (12 thread) core I7.