FamilySearch Central - Share data hangs

I’m running RootsMagic on macOS. I did some genealogy work on FamilySearch and now I want to add the people to RootsMagic. I start FamilySearch Central and click the Share data icon.
I was working on the Kirschner family, so I enter Kirschner in the search field on the to left.
Everything OK so far.
The list scrolls to the first Kirschner and the data is displayed. No changes on the first name.
I click the next name in the list. Data displays. No new names. I continue down the list until I see new Family Members.
I see 3 new children. I select the 1st one on the FamilySearch side and popup window to add appears. I click OK. The first child is added to RootsMagic. I try select the 2nd child.
Here’s my problem. The mouse will not click on the 2nd child. I click the refresh icon next to the UnMatch button and the window refreshes. I can now click the 2nd child. It is added to RootsMagic and the window is refreshed.
Why do I have to click the refresh icon? The window just refreshed!
I discovered if I click anywhere outside RootsMagic and the click on the RootsMagic window again, it works.
After about 10 updates I got an Unexpected Error Access Violation window. I clicked Send Error Report and restarted the process again.

Anyone else having this problem on macOS?
I participated in the Beta and reported problems then. Is they a way to report problem now?

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