RM8 Websearch - Family Search

Whenever I use Websearch using FamilySearch as provider, I am now getting an error:

‘Something Went Wrong
Unfortunately, something went wrong, and we are unable to display the search results. Try refreshing the page, or come back later.’

I am correctly logged into FS, the search page is there but the Person name and year details are not being transferred from RM8 into the search boxes. If I re-enter them manually, the search will be completed.

This was working until very recently. Am I doing something wrong, or is there a general problem with the RM>FS interface?

I am having the same problem, both on the internal and external (chrome) browsers.

On mac websearch for ancestry and findagrave worked. Familysearch did not on internal or external browser (safari).

Had not tried FS before so just another in the long list of bugs.

Both Search>Records and Search>Genealogies functions at the FamilySearch site itself are not currently working with my three browsers (Edge, Firefox and Vivaldi) when logged in directly at the LDS website. The pages just turn blank.

Most likely not! FamilySearch has been having intermittent issues inside of and outside of RM since the AWS crash the other day. Right now, FamilySearch is really slow to load outside of RM. Clicking a web hint from inside of RM leads to really slow loading pages. That points to problems both on the webfacing side and the internal side which is where hints and FS matching and such comes from.