Websearch issues with RM7

I have been unable to use WebSearch in RM7 to get to FamilySearch and Ancestry. I haven’t tried the other search providers, but is this known? I get an error 500 on Ancestry and a ’ Something Went Wrong’ page on FamilySearch.

Did RM7 finally break for good? This has been going on for at least two days now.

I haven’t tried TreeShare, just WebSearch.

Both of those are server side errors not caused by RM7. Because of the holiday weekend both have inundated with users and are stretching their capacity to the limits.

Actually those errors happen when the URL being passed is broken and not what the respective sites expected. Therefore, it there was a change in the API, then RM7 would be broken because it can’t connect.

Anyway, turns out to only be a problem with Chrome. Both the internal browser and Firefox load the search pages as they should. Switched default browser to Firefox. Been meaning to do that anyway!

FamilySearch made a change to its search that broke the URL RM7 WebSearch used. You would need to add a custom provider in RM7. Ancestry should be working.