Acceptable browser when performing WebSearch

When initiating Web Search, I keep getting messages that my web browser is not supported for Family Search and Fold 3. Yet I have all the current versions of browsers and have the latest version of Firefox as my default, and have upgraded to For Find My Past, I’m getting an error message that I’m using an unsupported browser IE 11.0 ??? There are some file types that are still IE, but with no option to change them to any other browser, such as Edge, Chrome, or Firefox. Have also changed default browser to Edge with no change in results. Any ideas? Thanks.

Before running the search, click “Show results in an external browser.” RM will then pick up your computer’s default browser.

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Thanks, didn’t see that option initially…tried it. Brings up the external browser just fine but RM didn’t pick up my default browser. At least I have that option now.

Sadly a left over remnant from RM 7 that somehow was not addressed in RM 8. This WebSearch programming issue goes back when Internet Explorer was the only Browser.

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Yes, sorry I mis-spoke. RM doesn’t pick up the default browser, but the search is displayed in an external browser, which should be your default.