Web Search malfunction since update

Anyone else got a problem with a Web Search pop-up window on top of the person screen instead of inside its own window box? Happened today for first time. So is it a bug from the update I’ve just done.

Cannot click on the green bars nor anywhere else on it. Cannot remove it. Closed & reopened RM8. Get just a white box.

Fortunately managed to click an area to the left that successfully toggled to showing results externally. But cannot access the list of sites, so can only get the one its set on.

I think it is a bug. I think it can be fixed by opening up the Edge browser and signing into Ancestry.com and when it asks about the cookies, click Accept All. It should remember the sign in and accept cookies and work again in RM8.

Is that from Search > WebSearch or from clicking on the WebHints icon on that People tab page?

I’m not having that problem using Win 10 & Firefox.

The Internal browser is now using Edge.

Not having that problem using internal browser.

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@TomH From Search/Web Search.

I am one of those with the bug that does not allow me to access the top of a drop-down menu. Hence I cannot use the coloured web hint dots/light bulbs.

Tx @Spence. Tried that sign in to Edge but didn’t impact the fault with viewing hints within RM8. Web Search still works in my default browser Chrome externally. Just not internally.

I think the RM update was referring to using the more recent version of IE (Edge) in place of the earlier IE, rather than instead of Chrome.

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Strange. Edge and Chrome both use the same browser rendering engine. I read in the notes of the release that there may be problems with Edge in the update to 8.1.1 and to try downloading a complete install. Maybe see if that helps.

So the update sorted out my original malfunction. I can get Web Searches internally and externally now including for fmp.

I can also now access Web Hints from the lightbulb except for fmp where I get a blank web page with error message:

{“statusCode”:400,“error”:“Bad Request”,“message”:“Invalid cookie header”}

Anyone else? Ideas how to fix?

clear your cache and restart.

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To clear the cache open the Edge browser
Click on the 3 dots menu in the upper right corner
Select Settings
Click on Privacy, search, and services
Under Clear browsing data: Clear browsing data now, click on Choose what to clear
Change Time range to All time
The two items you want checked are Cookies and other site data & Cached images and files
Click the Clear now button

This will hopefully fix the error of the internal browser.