RM 9.02 locking up

I don’t know if I am doing something wrong here but I will describe what I did:
I clicked on a hint on a family member which was from “My Heritage”, I verified the hint and returned to RM 9.02. The screen was frozen and I couldn’t select anything. Alt tab showed that the panel for the “My Heritage” hints was still on my PC but I couldn’t get to it. I opened the task manager and selected the first option to close under the RootsMagic drop down list, that item was "Webview 2, I ended it and went back to RM 9.02 and it was now functioning. I am not sure if I missed something after I accepted the hint in “My Heritage” but if some one can offer help it would be appreciated.

Did the WebHint screen fall behind the program? If so click on the RM icon in the task bar and it should open with bringing it forward.

Thanks for responding Renee,

I could see the web hint screen when I did alt/tab but even if I selected the web hint screen through alt/tab it would not bring it forward. If I clicked the RM icon in the taskbar the preview would show but that was all, clicking on the preview would do nothing. The only way I could get back to RM was to shut down the webview2 in task manager.


Don’t click on the previews, just click on the RM icon itself in the task bar. It will bring the correct window forward.

Sorry, no it doesn’t. When it freezes the RM screen is dead, the task bar shows the preview of the My Heritage panel, which you cannot access and the RM screen remains on top. I have to either end RM through the task manager or close the other item I mentioned in my earlier post.


Can you open a chat on our website so an agent can see what is happening?

Visit www.rootsmagic.com to open the chat with a support agent. The “Need Help? Chat Now” button will appear in the lower right corner when an agent is available. The best hours to reach a support agent is between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM (MT), Monday through Friday.