My Heritage Smart links

Currently Smart Links (popup Hints) do not work with My Heritage. In corresponding with Tech Support My Heritage they indiv=cate this is a RM8 problem.
… I understand that you have a problem getting MyHeritage hints on RootsMagic 8 I apologize for this issue.

We have an alliance with this software but we do not give technical support for this you will need to contact them directly because is a problem with this software. You can find the support page of Roots Magic here…MyHeritage Support team.

When will this be corrected. This is an important tool to get hints in research.

:rofl: while RM Inc says MyHeritage has stopped responding to hint requests via the API for a couple of weeks!

I’ll repeat something I’ve said before. RM and MyHeritage need to solve this problem collectively. RM is saying it’s a MyHeritage problem. MyHeritage is saying it’s an RM problem together. So the two vendors need to solve the problem. Users certainly can’t solve it.

The only information I would add is that the same problem exists in both RM7 and RM8. For sure, RM7 hasn’t changed. My conclusions therefore is that something had to have changed at MyHeritage.

When you talk to MyHeritage support they know nothing about the MyHeritage Hinting API issues. They are strictly looking at hints on their own website. A customer cannot get to the MyHeritage development team that is working on this.

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