My Heritage Intergration

On top of the screen for MyHeritage it says intergrated with RootsMagic… What does that mean and what am I missing?

According to the WebHints - RootsMagic Wiki it means:
Clicking WebHints for FamilySearch, MyHeritage, or FindMyPast will take you to the provider’s website to view, confirm, or reject the hint. After a hint’s status is changed on the providers website they need to push a status change back to us. Close the WebHint list and reopen to refresh the status. Response time may vary.

Integrated means RM sent MyHeritage a hash that contains the search terms. They are displayed on the MyHeritage website in the box that says “In my RootsMagic tree”. We basically told them what to search for and MyHeritage displays what was found. The MyHeritage API doesn’t have any way to let you share the results back to RM. So you will need to manually enter anything new back into RM.

Thank you was hoping for more but will live with what I get. Maybe down the road…

You can be forgiven for reading more from the advertising hype than is actually delivered. “Interfaces with RootsMagic” might be more accurate…

And check out what awards an award-winning family tree software has actually won in the last few years.

OK, you got me with that last sentence. Where would one go to find what awards any genealogy software might have won? Most of what I see are ratings from, shall we say. dubious rating services or from the marketing material put out by the software company themselves. I’ve never found any truly objective ratings and have never found any meaningful awards that any genealogy app has ever won, save MacFamily Tree 10 getting the Mac App of the Year last year

I too would like to see objective ratings and how in the world did MFT ever get highly rated? It has a terrible pedgree and person display. It is however one of the smoothest running mac apps around.

In its defense, MFT10 probably isn’t as bad as you make it to be, although I agree with you about what they call the Interactive View. Just awful. However, a lot of people disagree with us. The “Mac App of the Year” was awarded by Apple and probably a result of the spectacular way that MFT uses the MacOS. Contrary to RootsMagic (for example), it is a very pretty app. Personally, I’ve moved away from RM9, which, IMO, was released before it was fully baked.

Agree with you about RM8 but I am going to switch to RM9 from FTM due to its excellent web search and relative stability on the mac vs 8. Think windows 8 vs 10. In comparing RM9 and FTM I have learned that search results depend on which country version of FTM is installed. Results found by RM9 do not appear in my Canada FTM unless I choose the US site and then I get swamped by irrelevant results.