RootsMagic 8 Freezing too

Doesn’t seem to matter what I am doing. It happens quite often. in 4 hours probably 10 or more times. It will just freeze. To unfreeze I close out in task manager MS Edge WebView2 or the RM program.
Sometimes I get an error report and I send it in.
Also when editing a person sometimes the edit screen closes to people list and sometimes it closes to the last person that I edited and closed.
i9 processor Geforce RTX 2080 GPU, 2 monitors.

Also why is MS Edge WebView2 running in the background and 3 to 4 instances. I don’t RM Web view to FS or Ancestry. Can I turn it off?

Try turning off web hints. If these are enabled then RM is constantly trying to get data from Ancestry, Family Search, FMP etc. and it only takes a slow internet connection or issues at the remote site to slow things down a lot. It also explains why a web app is running.

Do you get a ping when you try to do something else? I also use two monitors and sometimes I have a window behind a window, and I can’t do anything until I close that hidden window. I do an ALT-Tab to bring it to the front so I can close it.

Web hints have been always off.
Not the net. have fast connection and can do web browsing while RM is frozen.
I do not use RM internal browser. And MS Edge WebView2 should not be running unless I use the internal browser.
I am pretty sure it is MS Edge WebView2 that is causing the problem.
“WebView2 is for other apps to embed web content into native apps using Chromium Edge as the rendering engine. Edge doesn’t use WebView2, but rather WebView2 uses Edge.”

Apparently its being exploited.