[Q] recent issues with RM

Over the past 24 hours or so, I started experiencing issue with RM 8.2.5 and Windows 10.
Not if it would be related to MS Edge updates. While I rarely use Edge – there was an update over the weekend and curious if related.

RM Hangs or backup/close. It is no longer appears connected to Ancestry. I have run the DB tools I have tried 3 different db files, so it does not seem related to db files. Seems to be a Windows 10 / RM issue.

I suspect the webview is the cause because it runs with RM


This issue appears relate to Renee’s post on the FB group


What’s the URL Link?

I couldn;t grab a link at the time. My thoughts were that it was more than just ancestry but I could be wrong.
It seemed to be at least partly related the the Edge Webview runtime update… here is the fb link RootsMagic Users | Facebook