RM8 Freezes; locks up frequently

I use Windows10 and have two monitors. I often have RM8 open in one monitor while I am using my browser in the other. I have not been able to isolate this problem as it seems to occur randomly. I will be going back and forth, perhaps from a person’s edit page to a search in the browser and suddenly RM8 freezes. If I wait - and wait - eventually RM8 will function again - say 10-20 seconds. This also happens quite often when I am going from person to person - i.e. say I have multiple men of the same name for whom I have done an Index search, and am highlighting them one at a time to check wife or parents, and RM8 will freeze. I am not going back and forth between monitors in this instance. After maybe 10-20 seconds, will function again. I cannot even close the program when it is in “freeze” mode - the only solution is to wait. I have also had the freeze occur when editing/merging in Places or trying to delete broken links in Media for which the repair doesn’t work. My database is fairly large with about 65,000 persons but the program should be able to handle that. There have been multiple times when RM8 would not unfreeze and the only solution was to close RM8 by using the Task Manager.
I did find one other person who had a similar problem but no one ever answered her? Any suggestions?

This sounds similar but not identical to some problems I have reported. But first a question: could you clarify exactly what you mean by an index search?

I have reported delays of dozens of seconds, sometimes as much as 90 seconds, while doing an Advanced Search. If instead of an Advanced Search, I can make groups and then I can encounter the same delays when filtering by group. The filtering delays occur whether the group filter is being applied in the People List view or in the Index tab of the left side panel. Is that what you mean by an index search. My database contains a little under 60,000 people. I’m running Windows 10, 16GB memory, 4 processor cores, fast solid state disk, and it’s a laptop without a second monitor.

As you can tell, what I’m doing when I encounter the long delays is not exactly what you are doing. But what we are doing is similar and the delays are eerily similar. I have been able to use Windows Task Manager to determine that RM8 goes through two phases when it is in these delays. In the first phase, it is doing an enormous number of I/O operations to the RM8 database - probably reads rather than writes but I can’t tell that for sure. In the second phase, it is using an enormous amount of CPU time, like it is building a large table or sorting a large array or something like that. If you could know for sure when your delays were going to happen, you might be able to use Windows Task Manager (or the Mac equivalent if you are on a Mac) to see what your operating system says about what RM8 is doing during those delays.

Yes, you did figure out what I meant by “Index” search - using the search on the left side. But freezes also happen if I do the “Find everywhere” at the top of the window. Freezes happen sometimes when I am editing in Notes. Honestly, the freezes can happen during almost any activity I am attempting. And I did say that I use Windows10 - not a MAC. I do type quite fast and it often seems that RM8 just can’t keep up… Never had a problem withRM7.

Per Renee, RM8 is retarded and needs SLOOW typing to keep up on a mac. Since these basic crash and slug problems remain unaddressed 6 months into the beta release I fear they are unfixable design and porting problems.

I don’t think I’ve ever said “RM8 is retarded and needs SLOOW typing to keep up on a mac”. We are seeing issues with the use of multiple monitors.

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One of your comments was than slow typing on a mac did help RM8 cope rather than choke.

Is this issue being addressed? Hopefully fixed in new revision?

I too have been using two screens and have had RM8 freeze up on me requiring to use task manager to stop RM8. I have found that keeping RM8 on the PC’s screen and use the second screen for Firefox running Ancestry.com on it along with other photograph handling software (ACDSee), and file manager. I eagerly await the resolution to this problem

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If you only taking 10-20 seconds, that’s fast. The complex search reads your entire database and then sorts the result in memory. My database is large like yours 65K or so. Seems to run a little faster if you have few results. I run a monitor on the bottom of the screen and watch it run. On a Mac HDD 24M memory.
I think that it’s just how it works, not frozen but using every resource on your computer.

My Advanced Searches that are so slow are usually not complex at all. They usually test only for one very simple condition. And the actual search seems very fast, even if the conditions are complex. The slow part seems to be reading the entire database after the search is done and then building the search results screen. A typical example for me would be about 1 second to do the search, 30 seconds to read the database, and 60 seconds to build the search results screen. I don’t need the search results screen. I just need to be able to go to the people meeting the search criterion, one at a time.

I’ve found a solution for a similar issue. I use RM8 on a Mac, where memory leaks and freezes are the norm. I was very happy with RM7 and I still believe that RM8 sources management is the best I ever used. For me, RM8 is so unstable that the solution I found, to keep my sanity, was moving out to different software. It may sound like a joke, but it wasn’t for me; it was a sad decision after seeing these issues before its release.

What mac software did you move on to?

I am going through the wiki and videos and as I try out features RM8 repeatedly crashes with access violation and other meaningless excuses. Makes it difficult to continue. AV’s on macs have been a constant issue all through the alpha and now in the current beta release.