New RootsMagic Update (8.1.1)

We just released a new RM8 update (8.1.1).

  • New: Added support for “modern” (Edge) browser in WebSearch. NOTE: If you still get the old IE browser after updating, you may need to download and install the update directly to get the necessary files installed… Download RootsMagic 8.
  • New: Added “View” and “Edit” buttons for edit media panel. “View” displays images in viewer. “Edit” opens the media item in the media editing program associated with the media type.
  • New: View media is now a modeless window to allow transcribing data from image
  • New: Added Edit Date to Edit person form
  • Fixed: Program wouldn’t open properly on some systems
  • Fixed: Media drag and drop didn’t work properly on some systems
  • Fixed: Mapping markers wouldn’t work properly on some systems
  • Fixed: Numerous Windows display issues when scaling is greater than 100%
  • Fixed: Issue with “out of memory” when downloading large Ancestry trees
  • Fixed: Can now “Unmatch” from a person that has been deleted on FamilySearch
  • Fixed: Changes through Ancestry or FamilySearch didn’t update Edit Date for person
  • Fixed: Numerous small FamilySearch issues
  • Fixed: Numerous small Ancestry issues
  • Fixed: Some Mac printing issues
  • Fixed: Minor fixes
  • Fixed: Cosmetic issues