New RootsMagic Update (8.1.8)

  • New: Added Autosearch option to WebSearch
  • New: Can now restore an RM7 Backup into a new RM8 file
  • Fixed: Downloading large FamilySearch trees could give an “out of memory” error
  • Fixed: Some sources didn’t upload properly to Ancestry
  • Fixed: Full images were not uploading to MyRootsMagic sites
  • Fixed: Primary photos now upload to Ancestry and set profile pic
  • Fixed: GEDCOM and Drag and Drop preserve Task repositories, sources, and media
  • Fixed: Accessing an Ancestry tree via TreeShare that is deleted or you don’t have rights to handled more gracefully
  • Fixed: Search queries using sources could cause the next Ancestry TreeShare to fail
  • Fixed: Drag and drop would changed primary name media links to general media links
  • Fixed: Contributor is now displayed on FamilySearch facts when clicking info icon
  • Fixed: Dates uploaded to Ancestry will use whatever date format you have selected in RM
  • Fixed: Additional Ancestry bugs
  • Fixed: Additional FamilySearch bugs
  • Fixed: Numerous small bugs
  • Fixed: Cosmetic issues