New RootsMagic Update (8.1.7)

  • New: Ages are now displayed for events in the People view side panel
  • New: Task List report can optionally print all people using each task
  • Fixed: Custom events work properly with FamilySearch now
  • Fixed: Issues with sources not uploading to Ancestry when re-uploading a previously disconnected tree. Disconnect the tree (even if it already is) and then upload it.
  • Fixed: Can select all ordinances on FamilySearch screen by clicking column header
  • Fixed: Mac crashes with some features run from Command Palette on second monitor
  • Fixed: Mac crashes with “Customize Add Person” on second monitor
  • Fixed: Find everywhere searches Citation name now
  • Fixed: Find everywhere searches addresses and repositories now
  • Fixed: When selecting multiple people (like when sharing facts) you can now enter a record number in the search field
  • Fixed: Numerous small bugs
  • Fixed: Cosmetic issues