New RootsMagic Update (9.0.3)

  • Fixed: WebSearch for Ancestry
  • Fixed: Opening (and closing) a modal form on Mac would often leave the program unresponsive until you clicked on a control first
  • New: Right click on Association View offers option to Delete Association
  • Fixed: Places used only by Associations were showing on the “Unused Places” list
  • Fixed: Mac note editor now uses Cmd+Key for edit commands (Cut, Copy, Paste, etc.)
  • Fixed: Custom reports were lost when importing from RM7 to RM9
  • Fixed: Leading spaces could disappear when saving notes
  • Fixed: HTML website descendant books were displaying family sentences twice
  • Fixed: Customize sentence on relative events in Edit Person was showing the wrong person
  • Fixed: BIC wasn’t showing right on FamilySearch ordinances screen or Edit Person
  • Fixed: Crash in FamilySearch compare relations screen when choosing to match with FamilySearch
  • Fixed: Media attached to primary name wasn’t showing in Edit Person media album
  • Fixed: Show alternate names wasn’t working on select person screen (Relate calc, set relationships, etc.)
  • Fixed: Numerous report issues
  • Fixed: Several FamilySearch issues
  • Fixed: Several Ancestry issues
  • Fixed: Minor bugs
  • Fixed: Cosmetic issues
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