New RootsMagic Update (8.2.6)

  • Fixed: Resizing the Map view on a Mac would crash the program
  • Fixed: Header (and Footer) text could overwrite each other
  • Fixed: Clicking on large lists (10K+ people) could highlight the wrong person
  • Fixed: Some living people were marked as deceased when uploading to Ancestry
  • Fixed: Citation name was not editable for source templates w/ no template details
  • Fixed: Pasting combined latitude/longitude into a field no longer loses the last digit of the latitude
  • New: FamilySearch import will now include other spouses of direct ancestors
  • Fixed: Setting a fact to Primary wasn’t clearing primary for other facts of the same type
  • Fixed: Children in 2 families with a shared parent would show that parent’s info twice in Edit Person
  • Fixed: Custom report text centered or right justified in cells wasn’t printing properly
  • Fixed: Fan Charts now use the currently selected parents of each person when printing
  • Fixed: Cleaned up display on Ancestry compare media lists
  • Fixed: Source citations were not printing on FGS for LDS ordinances
  • Fixed: Parent notes were printing 3 times on FGS
  • Fixed: Numerous minor report fixes
  • Fixed: Numerous minor bugs
  • Fixed: Cosmetic issues
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