Is there a way to set a default browser?

For those of us who aren’t using “Edge” or whatever the latest browser from Microsoft is - is there a way to set the default to whatever one we do use?

You don’t say which version you are using, but both have an option to use an external browser, which will be whichever browser you have set as the system default. You can’t set a default for the program to use internally though.

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I use Firefox for most stuff, but I have Pale Moon, which I use for genealogy and some other things. So no, I haven’t set the system default browser.

So if you were to click a link in email, it wouldn’t open?? If it does open, then you do have a default browser and that would be what is used. There is no RM setting that let’s you specify a specific browser.

Links open in whatever browser I’m using at the time.

Within RM the internal Browser is set by the developers. There are no option to change that (yet).

The “Open using external browser…” setting in RM 7 & RM 8 WebSearch opens the computer’s default Browser. The setting for a default Browser is with the OS setting on the computer.

The following pertains to the computer and not RM:
Some Browsers have an option selection/button in it’s settings to “Make default browser” for the computer as a whole. Typically the first installed (as the only one) Browser is established as default. If one adds a second Browser, then during set up there is usually a pop up or choice to make it the default Browser.

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You know that and I know that, but PJ says he doesn’t have a default browser. :upside_down_face:

And I could, but I sometimes use two browsers at the same time. Life isn’t simple.

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Even in windows you choose one browser as the default. On macs we tend to use a backup browser like firefox when safari is not properly supported by a website but choose one as the default.

Comment about an external browser choice in search helped me find that choice which I was unaware of.

It’s quite easy to not set a default browser. (Windows System > Control Panel > Programs)

RM7 seems to default to “Edge” (which isn’t installed because it’s PITA).

mac os requires a default browser choice.
what is pita? Edge is pitafull?

I use two browsers at once all of the time, but I still have one as default.

Usual short form for “pain in the a–”

My usual browser is Google Chrome on Win 10 laptop but WebSearch will not accept it, even though I have checked it is updated, when I ask for FamilySearch, FindMyPast and Fold3 to be shown in the RM window.

WebSearch works for me within the RM window for Ancestry and others OK. The 3 that won’t come up in the window do populate the search externally though. So its not a big deal because there is a work-around.

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Put a tick in the box Show results in external browser.

Marshtown has plowed that ground:

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