Transferring Notes from RootsMagic to FamilySearch

Why, during this simple copying procedure, am I warned of an “Unexpected Error, Access Violation” followed by “We have created an error report etc”, “Continuing to run RootMagic… .instability & more errors” & " It is recommended that you close & restart RootsMagic"
I ignore the recommendation - what consequences, if any, can I expect?

Best case nothing, worst case total database corruption but most likely something in between. Continuing without restarting the application is a recipe for potential disaster.

The answer to the “why” question is pretty unknown. RM8 is still a very new product. For some users, it seems very stable. For other users, it seems very unstable. It is unknown why some users are finding the product to be stable and some or not. It doesn’t seem to me to be anything the users are doing, but I don’t really know and I’m just guessing.

Hi Jerry - thanks for the guess - Mervyn

Hi John,

Thanks for the warning - I will heed it.