7 clicks and Roots Magic 8 displays a Violation Error

Tree Share, seven click to accept the changes to make from Ancestry to Roots Magic 8 and it crashes.


Another error 11 clicks this time

I just knew there would be another with 29 Clicks on so many amendments.

So if I were you, I would start asking myself what is wrong with my computer or my file. The sheer volume of errors is not happening for everyone. If it were, then you can argue that RM is screwed up. I would personally start by copying your file via a GEDCOM transfer, or drag and drop. I would then try treesharing that new file up after verifying that that is is no longer connected to your existing Ancestry tree. Then try doing whatever you are doing to see if those errors still continue to happen.

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Thanks for the suggestion
I will try using my Laptop and see if the issues also reside there.

The same is happening in my world now !
Biggles, let me know if things changed when you switched to Laptop…
Jeff :slight_smile:

Well, I am running as an Admin…
so when I right clicked and allowed RM to run as admin,
The issue went away.
Maybe of some use possible to anyone who might have
that particular condition,

opps , spoke too soon. error went away for quite awhile
but returned in admin mode.
Perhaps I should use the database tools
after a certain time of making living flag changes.
I will let you know what that does.

Jeff :upside_down_face:

I am not sure if “allow admin” is needed,
though I am set to get a UAC anyway…

I did try the compatibility troubleshooter…
I am on an OLD 10 year NEC PC,
so I am running Windows 10 updated,
but RM is now set to run on Windows 8.

So far so good.

Jeff :slight_smile:

Windows 8 Laptop booted and RM loaded.
Exactly the problem occurred as happens on my Tower PC.

your problem is specific to the database file and rootsmagic program rather than the particular windows box you are using.

The same thing is happening to me. I have a Mac.

Database Tools have been run, Problem List, Duplicates, Tree Count each have been run.

6 changed people made on Ancestry, RM8 and Tree share started to sync.

One had 9 media items to add and RM then brought up the Error.


i had spent 1/2 hour chatting to a Tech about the same issue we are having with my Wife’s tree and the best he could come up with was to download the tree again to another project.

The backup file and media sent to him as was an invitation to view our Ancestry tree so its on a support Ticket.

Have to wait and see.