Year in index is different than the actual year

In the index on the left the Birth year is 1894. The Birth year on the right is 1893? The birth date is actually 1893.
I have had the birth year and death year on the left side be blank when there actually is a birth date and death date displayed correctly on the right side.

I think I know when it is happening. For example, the birth year was 1984 on the left and the right. I went into Family Search and the birthdate was different (1983) on the right side. I replaced the birthdate on the left (1984) with what was on the right (1983). When I got back to rootsmagic, the birth year on the left was (1984) not the same as what was on the right (1983). The one on the left is the one that was there originally (1984). The one on the right is the updated birth date (1983). It appears the dates on the left are not being updated when you come back from family search.

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There has been much recent discussion about this problem. You can fix it in your database by running File => Tools => Rebuild Indexes

However, the problem will recur from time to time due to scenarios such as you describe. Therefore, it’s wise to schedule an occasional rebuild of the indexes. Some users do so nearly every time they run RM. I don’t think that frequency is necessary, but it’s a good idea to do it occasionally.

The best solution would be for changes to the Birth fact and Death fact always to be reflected immediately and accurately to the sidebar index by RM. But that is not presently the case.

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Not sure if there are multiple Birth (or death) facts and which are applied to index.(or if this applies to you) I would think the primary would be applied to both but could be wrong-- as others have mentioned Rebuilding indexes should resolve.