Born and Died facts not cleared completely

I have a fairly small RM 9 database and decided to refresh it, but retain all existing names.
I deleted every fact for every individual (including birth and death),
I just retained the individuals and linkages.
As expected, the database then displays minimal information for each individual (person, spouse, parents).
As expected, a report listing all individuals with the ‘birth’ or ‘death’ fact contains no entries.
However, the index panel (lower left on the people panel) still shows the original Born and Died values.

It would appear that these values are stored separately from the birth/death facts. They are updated when the relevant fact is updated, but are not removed when the fact is deleted.

As this is only for reference, it is just a minor inconvenience, but it would be helpful if the information in the index panel always reflected the information on the database.


If you delete the date in the birth event, the index will reflect that. However, if you delete the birth event without deleting the date first it will remain. Why, I don’t know!

Run the database tool Rebuild Indexes to refresh the redundant data from the primary data.

The BD years are extracted and stored with Names in the same database table. I think it’s a now unnecessary design strategy left over from the earlier era of slower computers.


Thanks for the suggestion.
Re-indexing fixed the problem.


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