Date differs in Pedigree and Index panes - Error somewhere

Birth Date differs in Pedigree and Index panes. Error somewhere.

Its hard to expain, but please checkout video at

Tried changing the date in the pedigree pages, but it does not alter the date in the index page?

Suggest running all four of the File->Tools->Database Tools (Integrity, Rebuild, Clean & Compact) as a first step.

That’s definitely the first step and it should fix the problem. The only exception I can think of might be if a person has more than one birth fact and the birth facts have different dates. I don’t know what happen to the date in the Index sidebar vs. the date that shows in the Pedigree view when there are multiple birth facts with different dates. It might be fixed for that case as well, but I don’t know for sure.

The underlying problem is that the sidebar index does not get its birth date directly from the birth fact or facts. Rather, there is another birth date stored in another database table that is displayed in the sidebar index. Normally, when you update the birth date in a birth fat the birth date is updated in both places in RM. But sometimes that process doesn’t go cleanly, as when you add a second birth fact or delete a birth fact or have a birth date that is in an invalid format. In those kinds of cases, the birth date in the sidebar index may not show the birth date you expect. The best advice is to be sure there is only one birth fact for each person and to be sure the birth date is in a valid format. The second best advise is to run the database tools on a regular basis to clean up such issues.

Well I managed to change it.

After trying a number of times to change the date to another date, nothing changed in the index pane. But what worked was changing the date to nothing, empty or null, then close. Then enter real date and it worked.