Why does it show different born date in index to family screen

Why does it show different born date in index to family screen.

I have a person born (incorrectly) in 2020 and died in 1913 on the index page, but it is shown correctly on the Family page and person page, as being born (correctly) as 1825 and died in 1913. No RED alert is displayed.
How do I get rid of the incorrect date in the Index page.
Please checkout video below.


The likely fix is the Database Tools > Rebuild Indexes.

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Have no idea why BUT looking at your video, you have 2 Samuel Goodyers in the index-- one that say BIRTH 2020 died 1913 and the other that says born 1825 died 1913–Rev Samuel Goodyer is in between the 2…
On the edit page in the video, the Samuel Goodyer that you have open has 2 Birth facts–one with 1825-- the other with no info–don’t think that would cause it BUT ??
Also noticed you have 2 Rose Ellen Goodyer–one says 1835-1936—the other says 1835–no death date and a S B Goodyer, S H Goodyer and RT Goodyer all born 1981— perhaps you imported another file into yours and ended up with some duplication…

BUT Tom is right try Rebuild index and see if that works…

Works fine now, not sure why though

The “why” is because the year displayed in the sidebar index is derived from the corresponding primary event at the time of entry or edit and saved in another table. Sometimes, RM fails to update the secondary data field.

Rebuild Indexes does a batch update of these fields along with a SQLite REINDEX command.


I have discovered much the same thing. What I do is cut, the correct date. Hit empty date field, then return the corrected date. Has worked every time for me. It’s a flaw that really does need to be fixed.

Your screenshot shows two birth facts, one of which contains no data. Delete it and you won’t have an issue.

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Thank you. Rebuild Index fixed the birth date error.