Why do some people remain in the difference list for Ancestry TreeShare?

I’m doing a big catchup sync of records from Ancestry down to RM 9. The general process is OK, and I see my list of people to fix shrinking. The nuisance is that some of the people don’t go away from the list of those with differences even though they show as having all the same events in the comparison screen. They show both RM and Ancestry icons in the list but it is unclear why.

In my (albeit limited) experience I’ve noticed that there are certain minor changes in Ancestry that do not show up as ‘changes’ although they do bring up the person in tree share. When that happens you can look at both your trees to see what the change is and add it manually or (as I often do) click the “X” under the Log Out button on the tree share page which will mark the record of the highlighted person as ‘not changed’ and dismiss it from the tree share page. Annoying but an Ancestry API issue, I believe, and not an issue with RM.

Also, in my limited experience! I have had RM8, and now RM9, but have worked mainly in Ancestry. But now wish to employ RM where I have heretofore not. I just “Tree-shared” successfully my Ancestry Tree and RM showed no change people, as I expected. I made one (1) minor change in Ancestry…just a change in the Primary Icon for my selected person, to change how he looks in the Tree Sure enough, he showed up as change, but with the “Pen” icon Pink associated with the Marriage fact (?). The Tree-share Ancestry icon is Bold indicating “changed”. However, there is no difference!

More confusing is that scrolling through my list of people in Tree-share (All people), I notice a large number of people where the “Pen” icon is pink, also for the Marriage fact. And there are no changes!

Can anyone explain why the Pen icon is Pink, when no changes were made? What is the definition of colors for the Notes, Sources, and Media icons? (BTW, I have watched the video on Tree-share which is a few years old)