Ancestry TS Icon Colors

I “Tree-shared” successfully my Ancestry Tree and RM9 showed no change people, as I expected. I then noticed Sources “Pen” icon is Pink associated with the Marriage fact where no change was made and there is no difference

Scrolling through my list of people in Tree-share (All people), I notice a large number of people where the “Pen” icon is pink, also for the Marriage fact. And there are no changes!

Can anyone explain why the Pen icon is Pink, when no changes were made? What is the definition of colors for the Notes, Sources, and Media icons? (BTW, I have watched the video on Tree-share which is a few years old). Green is no differences, Yellow is similar but not identical, and Pink (or Red) is new or different. What is going on? I could find nothing different in the “Pen” items colored Pink.

I cannot give you a definitive answer but I suspect the Marriage differences are related to the conversion between Marriage as a single event for a couple in RootsMagic and it being an individual event for each of the two persons in Ancestry. Maybe the conversion is not transparent in both directions and the developers don’t wish to draw inordinate attention to it by marking the people as changed.

The meanings of the colours is beyond me…

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Many people will have minor data differences between RM and Ancestry, even immediately after doing the first TreeShare from Ancestry down to RM. It’s pretty much impossible to avoid such minor data differences between Ancestry and RM because they use different data models.

There is a subtle difference between a person being on the “changed” list and a person being “different” between Ancestry and RM. If you make changes to a person in RM or in Ancestry, the person will show up on the changed list. If you reconcile the differences the best you can, the person will may still have differences that can never be reconciled completely but the person will be removed from the changed list. That’s what happens on the initial download. It is sometimes impossible for TreeShare to make a person exactly the same between Ancestry and TreeShare, but it removes each person from the changed list after the person is downloaded.

There are many data items that sometimes cannot be reconciled perfectly between RM and Ancestry. RM treats the Marriage fact as a family fact and Ancestry treats Marriage as an individual fact. RM supports blank lines in notes and Ancestry doesn’t support blank lines in notes. Etc.

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Thanks to both!

I checked my Ancestry Sources and indeed, where possible, I used the same Source to validate each spouse for their marriage Fact (example:1688 New England Marriages before 1700-Miller, Ebenezer-Northampton,Hampshire,MassBayColony). This guy’s wife was Sarah Allyn or Allen…same record. This is true for the others I checked. As “thejerrybyan” says, these records aren’t showing as changed as you downselect for just people with changes…it is the “Pink” definition that was confusing .

Just wanting to be sure as I start keeping RM and Ancestry aligned. I agree the colors are somewhat confusing…it would help to add some sort of definition to the use of the icons and their color schemes in the Tree Share training. Especially if one is new to RM!

The pink is supposed to mean that something is different. As I mentioned, that doesn’t necessarily mean something has changed because the data in pink might not have ever been exactly the same between RM and Ancestry.