Add an option to Ancestry Treeshare

When selecting Ancestry Treeshare, add another option to show only the records with the Dark Green Icons.

When I am trying to update Ancestry, I do the Drak Green updates first, then I work on anything that is left. When I have “show only changed people”, after every update the list resets to the first person and I must scroll down the list to the next Drak Green Icon.

The dark green icon means the person is changed. Using the “Show only changed people” option will just show them, along with anyone without a match on either side. You do want to resolve those without a match. If you build up to many people without a match eventually TreeShare will no longer open.

I think that what @dcslatter means is that he works on all the people with changes who are already matched between RM and Ancestry before moving on to new/deleted people.

This is very often what I do as well. Of course, you can use the screen for the matched person to add new relatives (parents, spouses, children). After having processed all of these, I usually move on to other new people to add, taking care to find any marriages that I might otherwise have missed.

As I often work in this way, I suppose that this proposal would help me, but think that I would rank it lower in priority than any of the items listed in my proposal for treeshare improvement.

@AlanWatson You are right, That is exactly what I do.
Even the option to sort the Icon column would help.

The other issue I have is when a person is in both Ancestry and RM with children needing to be added to Ancestry. It does not show up as a change. Maybe a yellow Icon could be added.