Ancestry Treeshare

I use Ancestry Treeshare to update / online backup my RM8 database.
I have no problems with it’s operation or use but would like an enhancement to make it easier to use.
At times I have a large number of changes to facts of an individual already on Ancestry.
When working down the list of differing facts, I easily get lost as to which ones have been done.

What I would like, is to have each checkbox change color when focus moves from the fact that has been changed to the next. This would show that the fact changes have been done.

When directly accessing the tree on Ancestry, I have found facts that are missing or incorrect leading me to realise that when using Treeshare, I have missed updating the fact.
This is a problem for me because I only use my Ancestry tree when I am away from my computer, but I do share it with several people. Occasionally these people have asked me why a particular fact is missing, leading to my discovering the issue above.

I frequently get lost too when working down a list of facts for a person. Some indication of which ones have already been dealt with would be nice.