Why did the death data information switch on the pedigree view on iphone?

Finally, I got RootsMagic 9 on my phone through Dropbox. It still crashes and will not load on my IPAD Air (2022, 5th Gen).
I wouldn’t bother with it except that the IPAD has the best pedigree chart screenshot available to tell my family story. I’ve enclosed a screen shot of my phone for my problem: the death information I typed in shows the correct information for my father, James Clarence Smith, Jr. as Mar. 21, 2021 in the details section correctly but the pedigree chart stated his DOD as 1949 (DOD for his father, James Clarence Smith, Sr.- listed above him).What is causing this? How did it transfer incorrectly to the pedigree chart?

My guess is that you need to run File…Tools…Rebuild Indexes on your database and transfer a new copy to Dropbox. If you see 1949 as the Death Year in the sidebar Index, that is definitely the fix. DY and BY are redundant data in the database derived from the event Date field. Sometimes they don’t get updated with a change in the real data.

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