What downloads from ancestry

I created a new tree via a download but don’t quite know what I have. Many of my source pictures include a transcription and/or translation of what is in that source. I’ve spent considerable dollars to obtain these transcriptions, but FTM does not touch them via sync. Does Rootsmagic? If it does I would be glad to buy the program, if not I have little to gain. Just what data is downloaded when building a RM database? Where do I find this information?

Have a look at the last Magic Guide listed at

FTM syncs with ancestry much better than RM due to being previously owned by Ancestry. New information/finds are best manually downloaded using the Tools…Print…Include media with transcript and source.

When you download a tree, all attached pictures are saved in a media folder, so it is easy to see what you get, even with RootsMagic Essentials. You won’t be able to test sync in that case though.

It is really helpful to get one pdf file from ancestry that has the media item, a transcript and the source citation all together.

Looking at the media that came down from ancestry, RM has basically nothing that was attached to it. It defeats my purpose in switchen.

Both FTM and RM depend on the same Ancestry API. If it does not include something, neither will get it. However, if it is an Ancestry Source, that media is supported and will be tagged to the citation, not the master source, nor the fact nor the person.