WebTag Reporting

I noticed that the WebTags do not “auto-populate” with the citation name in the WebTag Name field. I thought RM7 did something like that.
If you don’t populate the Name field, then the WebTag Report is meaningless, since it only has the name of the source for the WebTag, but does not list the Citation Name.

Maybe I am missing something here?

My request is that the WebTag Name field be autopopulated with the Citation Name when creating the WebTag on the Citation.

I understand that RM8 doesn’t auto populate the WebTag name field with the citation name when the WebTag is for a citation. But RM7 couldn’t possibly have done so, either.

That’s because RM7’s citations didn’t have names. Citation names are a new feature in RM8 that’s due to the new Reusable Citation feature. So I’m curious how the auto populate of WebTag names worked in RM7 when the WebTags were for a citation? I don’t use WebTags so I don’t know.

RM7 didn’t actually populate the name, but in the WebTags report it would give the Source as well as the Fact (i.e. Robert Burns (Birth)) so you would have some idea who and what the WebTag relates to.

To be clear, these comments are about Citation WebTags, since there are several places you can use WebTags.

The RM8 report just gives the Source Name, no indication of the person, fact or citation it is attached to.

I would think it would be even easier in RM8 to actually give it a name - the Citation Name, or at least put the Citation Name in the Notes (which would be klunky) and include that in the report.

As to the use of WebTags - when documenting an online source citation, I copy and paste the URL into the WebTag for possible quick look up later, realizing the URL may not be forever, and I still download the document, but they are handy.

The report would also be handy, if it had useful information about the Citation WebTag.

Yes, it’s a good enhancement request. In RM7, displaying the source name and the fact is that best that could be done. Displaying the citation name in RM8 would be even better.

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What I’m seeing is the WebTag List for Citations does not show the citation name. It is only showing the Source name. Now that Citations are reusable it should be similar to the Source in showing the name of the citation along with the source name, but not the facts associated to the citations as previously. This is what I have reported to development.

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That is just so wrong.

Media files linked to citations have the same problem. They stop at the citation without taking you all the way to the fact. There is no reason that the implementation of reusable citations should have stopped the display of things like media files and webtags at the citation level without going all the way to the fact. Telling users then to stop looking at the media files and webtags and then switch over to looking at citations at that point is not a solution. The solution is to go all the way from webtags and media files to the citation and then to the fact when displaying webtags and media files.


With Media Tags you can open them by clicking on Edit and seeing the Source and Citation Names. The item being linked to in that case is the source or citation, not the people using it. If you want who is using the source or citation then you go to those lists.

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That’s my point precisely, and that’s what’s so wrong. If you start with a Media file or a WebTag, you should be able to get all the way to where it’s being used without needing to go to another list. RM7 did so very well, and RM8 does so not at all.

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