Adding a WebTag to a citation?

When I create a citation I often want to include a WebTag. The only way I’ve figured out how to do this in RM8 (v8.1.5.0) is to save the citation and then open it up again to add the WebTag. There seems to be no way to just add it up front when I’m populating all of the other fields.

Am I missing something obvious that is more efficient?


No, you’re not missing anything except that the same workflow is required to attach a media file as well.
This new workflow is a major obstacle to using automatic text entry systems like ORA.
I’m hoping it’s temporary.

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Thanks for the confirmation. And you’re right about attaching a media file. I had forgotten that because I have temporarily stopped adding media until they fix the problem that tagging media to a person always overlays their primary photo even when I tell it not to.