Displaying WebTags in Reports

I am unsure why webtags are so hard to display. There is, of course, a WebTags List. However, I would like to add webtags [optionally] to various other reports – the sources & citations report especially. In my citations, for instance, I would like to print out zero-to-many webtags, each one pointing to an alternate online source for transcriptions or images. Or to display the URL(s) of transcription pages in the Notes or Details boxes either all together in the Head’s citation or separately in each individual’s.

Is that feature available but I’ve just missed it? Is there a technical issue that prevents this?

Not available in any version of RM. Some outboard procedures from before RM7.5 that may interest or inspire you:

Thanks, Tom. I’m figuring out some workflows in RM8 so that I can create a well documented tree for my direct ancestors at least. My ‘big’ tree is rife with mis-begotten sources from decades of poor workmanship and I don’t think I can clean it up in my lifetime.

I would have thought that the ability to attach (and display) WebTags for a variety of elements would be central to a well documented file, especially in this time of online resources.

Did something happen at RM7.5 to break your scripts? Do you think you’ll adapt your work for RM8?

Thanks, again for your reply.

Those two scripts may work alright with RM7.x. Ancestry TreeShare was introduced at 7.5 but had no impact on database structure pertaining to WebTags whereas RM8 has major changes for citations and tasks et al.

Some scripts have been adapted for RM8 by me or @PatJ . Whether any particular one will be depends on the interest expressed by potential users and how motivated a volunteer developer may be.

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