Source web tag not showing

I have set up a new source (directly from the source menu) and completed the media and repository fields.
I have also added a web tag - Name and URL
The Edit Source screen now shows the following counts:
Media: 1
Repositories: 1
Web tags: 1

If I expand Media, the media information is displayed
If I expand Repositories, the repository information is displayed
If I expand Webtags, The Edit Web Tags screen is empty.
I then have to click the three dots (more options) to see the webtag which appears in a pop-up window.
I would have expected the Edit Web Tags screen to list the existing webtags as well as have the option to add new ones. Am I missing something?

(RM 9)

I cannot replicate this issue on mac. The ‘Edit Webtags’ screen displays as expected. I thought that perhaps it’s a window sizing issue but I cannot adjust my screen in a way to cause the existing webtag to disappear from the list.

not sure if I fully understand what you mean vs what is said
not sure if you are looking in the correct spot for what you want.
WebTags can be “linked” by a various ways: Source / citation / Place and other (see below).
Without screenshots that give more context – I might be misunderstanding .
A webtag might only be attached to a source but not citation or vice a versa

Have you double checked the Web Tag List Report?
You can do by a variety of ways.

Well, I cannot reproduce it now either!
Goodness knows what happened.
Thanks for checking.

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that is why it is called RootsMAGIC lol

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