Cannot enter Media, Repositories, or Web Tags to a New Source

Am I missing something obvious, or is it truly impossible to add Media, Repositories, or Web Tags when adding a new source in RM8. Instead, you have to finish the Add without these items and then Edit the source you just added to include those items.

Actually, this reminds me of how limited is the Add Person screen. To add a new person, you usually have to add the new person without a lot of their needed data such as sources, and then you can Edit the person to added the remaining data.

I’ve complained about this as well.

I’m hoping that it’s temporary. It does solve a bug in rm7, but it’s a sledgehammer fix.

That’s correct if you are trying to add the source from the Person view. If you add the source and citation from the Source view, you can add the media, repository, and web tags on one operation. Having said that, most people work with the People screen so when adding a new source citation it disrupts the workflow by requiring more clicks to edit after adding a new source citation with media.