Feature Request: Move to Copied Source or Citation & Copy Web Tags

When a Source or Citation is copied it would be helpful if the new source or citation with “(Copy)” appended to the name was selected instead of the original.
I often use this feature and then mistakenly edit the original instead of the new copy because the original is selected by default.
Additionally, I would like to request that any Web Tags associated with the original source or citation also be copied.

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When I copy a Source or Citation from the main sources tab, it already adds the (Copy) text you are asking for to Source name or the Citation name, depending on which you are copying. So I assume you must be talking about Paste with Copy from the Edit Person screen.

In the case of pasting a citation from the Edit Person screen, in my humble opinion you should never Paste with Copy unless you you intend to use the Paste with Copy process to create a new citation that you can edit a little bit, just like copying a Citation from the main Sources tab. For that reason, it makes sense to me that Paste with Copy add the (Copy) text. You would change the name of the citation (including getting rid of the (Copy) text) as a part of editing the new citation.

I don’t use Web Tags, so I didn’t know that copied citations don’t include the Web Tags. Are you talking about copying a citation from the main Sources tab, or are you talking about Paste with Copy from the Edit person screen when copying the Web Tags fails?

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I am using the “Copy selected citation” on the Sources tab. I am a lumper, so I can end up with many citations from a single source.
The new, copied citation has the word “Copy” in parenthesis appended to the citation name. No problem.
I am just asking that after the citation is copied, that new “Copy” citation be the one that is selected. Then the information on the right side of the screen will be from the new copied citation, and not the original.

Confirming request has been reported to development.

Yes, I totally agree. The concept is the same whether you are a source lumper or a source splitter, and whether you are copying a source or copying a citation. The newly copied item should be the one that is highlighted after the copy.

I’m a source splitter, but as I said the concept is the same. Because I’m a source splitter, any new citation I’m creating is effectively a new source. My current workflow is that I create new sources from inside Edit Person screen, although I’m thinking of changing my workflow to creating new sources from the main Sources tab. That being said, here is my workflow. Notice how I finesse the problem of the newly copied source not being the one that is highlighted.

  • Highlight a fact that needs a new citation
  • Click on Sources in the right hand panel
  • Click on the + sign for Add New Source
  • It defaults to Select Existing Source which is perfect for the way I work
  • Use the search box to select an existing source that is as close as possible to the one that I’m about to create by making a copy
  • Highlight the one I want to copy. There is not one highlighted automatically.
  • Click on the Copy icon. Both the original and the copy will be visible. But the original rather than the copy will still be highlighted. So it’s easy to pick the original by mistake when I intend to select the copy.
  • Clear the search box and type “copy” without the quotes into the search box. Only a single source will be visible, and it will be one I want and it will already by highlighted. So I can click Next and proceed with making my new source. A good bit of it is likely already to be correct because of the way I created it.

This procedure surely sounds overly complicated and convoluted. But it makes sure I never select the wrong source when I’m making a new one. I do need to be sure that I’m making my new source I give it a proper name that not longer includes (Copy).

If RM would highlight the newly copied source automatically, I probably would dispense with the steps of clearing the source box and typing “copy” without the quotes into the search box.