Web links not working in Notes - sporadic

I’m currently using v In previous versions of RM 9 when I pasted a URL / link into the notes section, it used to be recognized as a link, becoming blue after closing and opening the note, and if I later opened the note again, if I held down Ctrl and clicked on the link, it would open the web page.

With v9.1.3.0 the link some times isn’t recognized. Pasted links work erratically. It may be blue when I close the note, but when I reopen the note, it’s no longer a blue working link. If I paste the link and hit enter at the end of the URL, it will turn it blue. When I reopen the note, some times it is still a blue working link and other times it’s not. I can of course copy the link from the note and paste it into a web browser, but it’s not automatic like it used to be. I haven’t observed what makes the link work some times or not work at other times, so at this point it just seems random.

I hope that explanation isn’t too obtuse. Is anybody else experiencing this?

I can’t recreate this issue. Are you on the Windows or Mac version? Could you give us an example of what you are pasting and how you pasted it.

Hey @ RWL-- thanks for the info abt holding down Ctrl and clicking on the link- I didn’t know that…

Yes in the current version of RM -- none of my URL are recognized as a link when I first paste them into the notes-- and they are blue BEFORE I pasted them into the notes…

BUT MOST OF THE TIME if I move the text below the URL up on the same line and then put a space between the 2, it will turn blue and stays blue even weeks later ( and was able to use Ctrl to open it)-- have no idea why a few of them just will NOT turn blue…

Windows 11 with the latest updates…

Windows 10 user. Here is a screen shot of what I’m seeing. I wish I could figure out why some of these links work and some don’t. Normally just pasting the link doesn’t make it blue, but when I hit enter at the very end of the line with the link it normally turns it to an active blue link. Normally just closing the note and reopening it makes the link an active blue link too. And then there are links that just don’t behave as in the top line of this example.

If I copy the black URL from the top and paste it lower in the note, hit enter at the end of the line, it becomes an active link. - Normal behavior. What line the link is on in the note doesn’t seem to make any difference since there are lots of examples in my files of top lines with active links.

OK, so now I added text before the previously active link and the URL becomes just black text rather than a blue link. Note that the cursor is at the beginning of the URL.

If I go to the end of the line and hit enter, or just close and reopen the notes window, the black URL becomes blue and active - normal behavior. …And yet the source of this working link is the top line of non-working link.

There have been other individuals where I’ve had this problem, some with extensive links in their notes sections, but this is the only one I could find today. I store my source documentation in the notes section. Normally I’ll type some words of what the link will lead to, such as Baptismal Record, Marriage Record, etc. then paste the link and hit Enter. Some times I paste the link and then go back to the beginning of the line and type the identification of the link, hit Enter and close the note. Normally the links become active, but some times they don’t. I haven’t spotted what’s different about the ones that don’t work. It doesn’t seem to be the number of spaces between the end of the text ID and the beginning of the URL. In the example above, on the nonworking top line there are two spaces between the text and the URL itself. If I paste the URL, add text and add either one or two spaces after the text, I can still make it an active link.

These non-working links happen often enough to be annoying, but I just can’t spot the pattern that causes the aberrant behavior. I haven’t looked to the discussion yet to see if anybody else has observed this. If so, the clue to the cause may be there.

Bob Lamparter

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What method are you using for pasting? Ctrl+V, Ctrl+Shift+V, right click paste, paste icons or selection under the 3 dot menu. Does it make a difference if you try different paste methods. It’s not unusual to put a space after a URL to recognize it as a live link, same with saving the note and then having it recognized.

Always Ctrl-V. I’m a keyboard person.

I had an interesting observation the other day. I pasted a link, went to the end of a line, hit enter and it stayed black. I added a semicolon at the end of the text description, went to the end of the URL, hit enter and it turned blue. Removing the semicolon after the link was blue didn’t change it on that person. It was the only link that didn’t work that day.

Ctrl+V will save formatting from where you are pasting from. When you modified it afterwards it must have cleared it.

I’m not sure the URL has any formatting, but you might know from this.

I typically just click on the address window in Brave browser, the URL becomes highlighted, I hit Ctrl-C to copy it.

When I go to the notes section I may or may not put a word description in front of the URL I’m going to paste, but I always paste it using Ctrl-V and typically hit Enter to make it turn blue, then close the note.