Why does a bit of note formatting not show in RM8 but does in App?

In RM8 v8.1.8 on Mac Catalina, and a copy in a Win10 machine restored from the RM8 Mac backup, I have a bit of a note that looks to be plain text.
No different colours, no indication there’s any option to do anything with it if I hover over it in RM8.

But in the App (IOS 14.8.1 on an iPad Mini) it shows up as coloured blue and if I click on it on the app I get asked if I want to send message or add to contacts, so I presume my iPad thinks it is an email.

I cannot recall now whether I would have pasted as plain text from the source but should have if I didn’t (I do so wish that was still an option to set overall as it is in RM7).
In the actual source used it is a link to order a certificate.

Further down the note is a FamilySearch link
or at least so the App tells me.
I cannot see the link from within RM8 as the note wont soft wrap (reported) , and if I select the screen view of the note it is off to the right, with no means to scroll.
So to view or edit, I’d need to use an external editor - so why have an apparent editor within RM8??? Rhetorical question, no need to answer that bit :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If I widen the screen it shows as a blank space
If I hover over where the link actually is, in plain text according to the App, my RM8 cursor changes to the little hand for a link (which cursor isn’t captured in the screen shot given I had to move it to take the screenshot)

Any takers for explanations?

I will be submitting this to Support, but haven’t yet, given I’m still hoping a future version will have improved editing

Update: Thinking about the blank link, my working assumptiion for that is that because it was a bit of text starting with http://… that the editor might be trying to be too helpful converting it to the html for a link but NOT giving it a name of the link itself, hence the blank??

No explanation for what is happening but what happens if you copy the whole note, delete it and then paste as plain text? Does this then show as plain text in the App?