Visual Tag/Icon/Highlight/Sticker on Family View

Does anyone have a suggestion how I could add something to a person which would show in the Family view (it could show in any view, but Family view is the one I care about)? I am looking for a way to see at a glance children who died young, did not live to grow up. So when I have a list of 10 children, it is immediately visually clear who died and who grew up.

I can’t color code them because I already use the colors to differentiate my side from my husband’s side. I was even thinking of adding a fake spouse in bold caps named DIED YOUNG. But that would cause all kinds of problems LOL.

I could put them in a group, but that doesn’t show up visually on the Family view.

You can have multiple color groups. You can color code the people as normal in one groups and use colors from another color group for the young deaths. Of course this is not the best way as you would need to switch back and forth between the groups. I am assuming that when you are working an need to see the children, then you are already aware of which side of the family you are on. Other than that, no, you can’t add anything to the Family View. This does assume you are using RM9 since you didn’t say for certain.

Yes, RM9. That’s all I could find also. I guess I will just have to wait and see if they come up with more ways to tag records.

Two methods come to mind. Use of the Prefix or Suffix field :angel: :male_sign: :female_sign: ☆ � ETC. and setting the Person fact Primary photo to a graphic of a Guardian Angel or something like these graphics from WikiTree:
Died Young - pink (
Died Young - blue (

Is this supported in the Prefix and Suffix field? I thought I saw another post recently where using characters like this in fields designed for text caused issues but I don’t recall the specifics offhand.

Both of these accomplish what I was looking for! Maybe having that text in the Suffix will cause some other problem, if so, I can just use the image. Thanks so much for the suggestions!

Died Young

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What’s more, I can see, for some purposes, custom primary photos could be created and added for all kinds of things!

Not sure what you mean by “supported”. Many folks use the Prefix for Sir/Count, Dr/Hon, Reverend/Deacon, Captain/Colonel, Sra/Fr, Nickname, ETC. I place those in Title/Ordination/Religion/Education/Occupation/Military/Retirement/Description/Caste/Miscellaneous and so on. I’m not a fan of them (conventional prefix/suffix) on many screen/charts/reports. I do use Suffix for Jr/2nd/III/ETC. , but also (Twin of So&So), (wife of Jon Doe), (Surname variations), black and outline Unicode stars for direct ancestors of Root Person, and any other convention I invent. I use Prefix for (Given name variations), Unicode symbols for annotation/visuals, it could be a numbering system or both Parents Surnames or anything. All can be used for Search and are easily bulk edited for revision/deletion. Just my own crazy approach. They seemed superfluous to me, because there’s not much universality to their named/designated use.

What @kevinm meant by supported was this discussion here

Ancestry does NOT support Prefixes but does support Suffix BUT @HollyKilpatrick RM does support the use of both prefix and suffix-- just not sure that a picture icon in a prefix will show up in a report—love the way your screenshot of the kids in family view turned out–wonderful idea @kbens0n

I don’t synch with Ancestry, so that aspect does not impact me.

I found the post I was remembering it was from the facebook group on August 23. Hopefullly this link will work.

Renee responded to a reported problem when using emojis in the suffix field as follows:
“Using emojis can cause several issues in databases. This would be a good example of how they are not supported. I wouldn’t recommend using them as a search filter.”

[edit] I noticed that the help doc for these fields says “Enter any text …”. I am not aware of any official statement of the specific character set types that are supported in these fields. It would be great if all unicode characters were supported to enable things like you are suggesting.

Well, I dont do Facebook groups, but so far, with my limited use, the ASCII/Unicode character code points that are visible correctly in notes and fields have not presented any major problems. I’ll be on the lookout though, Thanks!

Understood. I pasted the problem statement below - it’s related to using these character in creating groups.

"I discovered this issue because of the new “refresh groups” button, but it isn’t directly related to it.

I use a special character in the Suffix field of people who are at the end of a line, 🛑. It makes it easy to spot them in a list.

I have a created an “End of Line” group, based on the criteria of Suffix contains 🛑.

This works for quickly populating the group; HOWEVER, after using this search criteria, and saving it, when later I come back to it the following is now in the search criteria form: ��

I discovered this when hitting the Refresh Groups button, and it effectively removed everyone out of the group!"

Thanks for sharing that. As a computer guy, I understand that to indicate that the font in use does not contain a glyph (a precomposed character representation) for the code being used. But, the code points themselves are still seemingly intact. I’ll definitely have to check/confirm the process(es) surrounding my use of some of these.
EDIT: BTW the colored emojis shown above are not what I entered. The forum software automatically substituted them to appear more pleasing as icons than their actual glyphs.

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