Suffix support in reports

I would like Suffix’s to appear everywhere, user selected where would be fine.

I use several emojis over on Ancestry. One of them is the double helix DNA emoji: :dna:

It has been super helpful to see, in lists on Ancestry, names like: “John Adam Doe :dna:”.

The suffix does show up on the People-Descendants page. And in the People-Index box.

I would like them to show up on the Publish-Descendants List, where I can see more than 7 generations. They don’t.

(Because I collect many, many floating trees, and I’m looking for common ancestors, and it’s important to see all the Descendants of a Common Ancestral Couple, but I can’t tell who the DNA matches are, and those folks that are mere descendants. I would be able to if RootsMagic used the suffix in the name printout.)

I also believe (because it keeps crashing when I zoom in too far to see) that this suffix is also absent from the Descendant Chart. (And probably elsewhere.)


The approach I use is a created group of DNA matches, color coded a nice green. This is very visible in Descendant view and in printed reports. I agree that more than 7-generations in the descendant view would be great.

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