Questions and Feature Requests on DNA matches (RM10)

  1. Why does shared CM have two decimal places? Further on a MacBook, I can only see the the .00 in the window and not the whole number.
  2. Is it possible to show the note in the table when looking at all the matches. There seems to be no way to add the extra column? I am using the note for the family name or couple that I believe the match to be related to.
  3. Feature request: Ancestry gives you age ranges. 18-29, 60+ etc. I would like to suggest there is a spot to capture this. I can’t use DOB and a custom age fact is too cumbersome to add. A drop down list matching Ancestry age ranges would be helpful. Further this might help Rootmagic with relationships…
  4. Feature request: Ancestry gives you location if the person entered it. Again adding a residence fact is very cumbersome (because it’s not accessible while you are entering the match). It may be useful to see all the matches from a specific town for example.
  5. Feature Request: Ancestry gives you maternal or paternal indicator. There is nowhere to capture this information. Yes it can be put in a note but then it is not used by Rootsmagic. Being able to group or filter your matches by maternal/paternal would be useful.

#1 Each DNA Test provider records results a little differently.
#2 There isn’t a column for the notes. Confirming the request has been reported to development.
#3 Enter the age range on the birth fact so it can be taken into consideration.
#4 You could enter that information in the DNA Match note. Then when you are on that person’s Edit Person screen you can complete the Residence fact for them.
#5 Confirming enhancement request has been reported to development.

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For 3 and 4, and also because if you typo the person on add - can we access the edit person from this screen. Right now you have to close the DNA matches screen, exit the person (usually yourself), look up the person from the ID (remembering what it was), go edit the person (or add residence and age facts), save, use search history to find yourself again, go into edit mode, go into DNA screen, and carry on.

Also you didn’t address point 1, showing only part of the number e.g. XX.XXcm not XXXX.XXcm. The sliders are useless and take up way too much room and the actual number of CMs is cut off. I think this should also be reported to development.

You don’t need to close the DNA Matches screen to open another Edit Person screen. You can have up to 3 edit person screens open at a time.

The sliders are just a scale for a visual reference. It wasn’t intended to use the slider to select the number. Just enter the numbers into the text field to the left of the slider. Then it will adjust the slider to the correct position.

We just release update 10.0.1 that enlarges the cM fields so all the numbers are visible.

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