DNA Match in RM10 - features request

First - thanks for adding the DNA feature!

I have been working on the lengthy process of migrating DNA matches to myself from my custom facts to the new DNA screen, then going into the match’s trees and adding shared matches. A few things I find frustrating/difficult:

  1. The list sort always reverts to Shared cM’s. Can this be updated to stay on whatever sort I last used? Currently 23+me does not provide cM’s, so defaulting to the Shared cM sort puts those matches all the way at the bottom, even for significant matches.
  2. The Person sort does not recognize that an upper case and a lower case letter is the same. When I enter “Label 2” I do it exactly the way it appears in the source (23+me, Ancestry, etc). Can this be updated to ignore case?
  3. It would be nice to have an icon of some kind to indicate whether shared matches have been entered for a particular person.
  4. I would love to be able to print this list or dump it into excel with more info than what is on the DNA Kinship Report. Can we have the option to add fields and customize that report? Such as the custom facts I have already added for MRCA, Maternal/Paternal Haplogroups, etc.

Thanks for considering…

As an FYI, if you have not written in the note field on 23andMe, hovering over the match name will provide the cM, segment count and max. length of a shared segment. Also, you can use the shared cM project tool at DNA Painter to enter the % of shared DNA and it will calculate back to the shared cM. Or multiply your % by 74.5 to approximate the shared cM. The ISOGG wiki uses 68 as the multiplier based on FTDNA but DNA Painter uses the 74.5 figure, and it seems closer to what 23andMe shows.

It would be nice if RM could automatically calculate the percent, or if percent entered, calculate back to the shared cM.
centimorgan-ISOGG Wiki

Thanks! It would also be nice if 23+me returned to the features they had prior to be hacked, which included cM’s for individuals who were sharing. :slight_smile:

Confirming requests have been reported to development.

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