DNA or Verification tag or icon

Is it possible that I can see either by a tag or some identifying icon directly from the pedigree view of the family tree that I have marked someone as having taken a DNA test. I also want to be able to see from the same view those that I have gone through and verified. I recently switched over to roots magic so I could verify each person and to make sure all relevant documents are attached.
Lastly where can I view the family tree in family view that shows all first cousins. That is one view that I have found very useful during my research. For example when I look from family view it will show my parents, siblings, their spouses but not their children.

  1. Some put a symbol or meaningful characters in the Name Suffix. Or use the Reference Number fact solely for this purpose and in Settings choose it to be displayed after Names.

  2. There is no Family View that shows cousins. You could set the Descendants View to 3 generations and a grandparent as the reference.

Thanks so much, I will give that a try. I would never have thought to use the name suffix in that way, brillant idea. Now to think what symbol or character to use and not to forget what they represent!

I use these but you have to cut & paste them into the suffix and remember that they will print on your reports.

|Missing sources|๐Ÿ’”|
|Brick wall|โŒ|
|Currently researching|๐Ÿ”|
|Special note|๐Ÿ“|
|Warning: unverified|โš ๏ธ|

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Thanks, I will keep that in mind.

I use colour coding for this. One colour for DNA-tested relatives, and another colour for ancestors of matches that I canโ€™t yet connect to my lines but are likely related.

Colour coding shows up in all views but you have a choice whether you want it to print in reports.

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I kike Tom H and Spyderโ€™s suggestions to use emojis. Here is one for DNA

DNA = :dna:

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Oh that is interesting, I will play around with that. Thanks!