TreeShare for Ancestry doesn't upload prefix by names

After uploading a new tree from RM to Ancestry the prefix by names is missing. If in RM is “Ing. Joe Smith, Csc”, after uploading in the Ancesty it shows only “Joe Smith, Csc” without Ing.

Unfortunately, Ancestry does not have a field to hold prefixes.

Problem is with RM. A prefix should be added as part of the name. A suffix is added.

Ancestry and RM both have fields for suffixes. If you add a suffix in RM and transfer your tree to Ancestry, then RM puts it in Ancestry’s suffix field, not in the name field.

It is Ancestry’s fault that it doesn’t have a prefix field; I find it bizarre that it doesn’t. I certainly wouldn’t want prefixes messing up my name fields. I would prefer previxes to be added in the suffix field than there, eg for Reverend Alan Watson from RM to appear in Ancestry as Alan Watson Reverend. But I can quite understand why RM just drops them.

I’m no expert BUT sorry @starmanFrank , it’s NOT RM dropping it BUT rather Ancestry since they do NOT support it-- just like Ancestry does NOT accept the Alternate names in RM even though Ancestry has a Also Known as Fact…
A work around would be to add ING. in the given name field aka Ing. Joe or create a fact even if you have to customize a fact–I’ve had no problems with Ancestry accepting customized facts ( by gedcom) and Ing. Joe
worked as well.
mark changed

@AlanWatson – the work around for you, if you want it to say Alan Watson Reverend , would be to put Reverend in the suffix location-- if Alan was a Jr also, you would have to put Jr after Watson in the surname.

As it happens I hold my master tree in Ancestry and download from there to RM, so I am obliged to put everything in the suffixes to start with.

Alan, you are right It is Ancestry problem, but maybe RM could combine prefix with name the same way as RM combines place and place detail. On the another hand a prefix (title) is used more outside of the USA so for majority it is not a big issue.