Can I highlight or bold a direct line ancestor:

I would like to bold or highlight each person in my direct line in RootsMagic. Is this possible?

Not automatically. Best you can do is color code them.

Since I don’t use the Prefix field, I’ve been placing a ☆ character there for direct line folks. It’s only a visual clue (like your bolding or highlighting would be) but looks “okay” in reports and is visible in the Person Index. However, with the announcement of a new Associations feature in RM9, I’ve been considering enhancing that scheme with an actual fact (one I also never use) the Caste fact …whose fact sentence is also based on “association”.:
[person] was associated with [Desc]< [Date]>< [PlaceDetails]>< [Place]>.
I’m thinking maybe change sentence grammar from “was” to “is”, fill the Description field with “the direct line of Xxxx Y Zzzz” or something like that.