Groups- Unable to get RM9 to Select Ancestors of Highlighted Person

Unable to get RM9 to Select Ancestors of Highlighted Person when trying to form new group.

The word “Highlighted” is important to you VISUALLY to ensure correct person has focus BUT the key to selecting the reference individual is to checkmark the checkbox immediately to the left of their name BEFORE the MARK criteria is chosen.

Did all that and still no results.

May have solved problem by rebooting. Thanks for your help.

Are you saying that after checkmarking one individual (do Unmark Everyone in file) 1st
then choosing Mark button where a dropdown menu opens
and you select Ancestors of Highlighted Person
and choose Ancestor Options then click OK button
and it returns to the Add New Group screen
it shows message to right of Select people button that reads
1 people manually selected ?

If so, then the criteria chosen in Ancestor Options screen for generations and who to include do not match anyone and You would try other of those generation options (more generations) until the “people manually selected” number shows more than one.

I have never found that to be the case. I have always found highlighting the reference individual to be sufficient. If I then mark something like “All Ancestors” or “All Descendants”, then the highlighted person will now be marked.

The checkboxes seem to there only for manual one at a time marking and seem to have nothing to do with bulk marking based on criteria. If the criteria is something like “everybody born in 1908 in Tennessee”, then you don’t even need to highlight anybody before doing the marking. The only time highlighting is necessary is to mark “Ancestors of” or “Descendants of”.

It’s a harmless, clear assurance