Updating from Ancestry

I have a shared Ancestry account. What is the best way to import changes/additions into RootsMagic 8? I have tried both Tree Share, and comparing a new RootsMagic database made from a GED export from Ancestry. If using Tree Share, do I want to add everyone showing in Ancestry and not showing in Roots? Comparing files with the Ancestry GED file doesen’t seem the best way, either.

To remain connected to the Ancestry Tree you need to use TreeShare. When you open TreeShare you can see what needs to be updated and the new people you need to add. This webinar discusses how to use Ancestry TreeShare. The only difference is opening it. Go to Publish and click on Ancestry TreeShare. There is also an icon at the bottom of the left main menu.

RootsMagic’s TreeShare for Ancestry

Tree Share.

Once sync’ed I only make changes in Ancestry, then which I start up Tree Share it is always the Ancestry listing that updates to Roots Magic.

Doing changes in both without using Tree Share is a recipe for disaster.

Your solution seems too easy for me! My big problem is that I have not been synchronizing Roots Magic with my Ancestry tree. When I go to Tree Share, I am greeted with about 100 entries of first names only in Roots Magic. These are spouses when I did not have a maiden name. It looks like I should enter those in Ancestry. I guess I should start at the top, and update both databases, so only recent changes show up. This would make it so much easier!

It is standard practice Not to include a surname if the birth surname is not known.