Uploading to Ancestry

Hello. I am a newbie to all this and have started loading my genealogy data into Roots Magic 9. I uploaded a family line into Ancestry last week. I’ve added a bunch more data to that family line in Roots Magic. If i upload it again into Ancestry does it overwrite (and update) the tree there or will i get a duplicate tree? Thanks!

Hello, I have attached a link to the Ancestry TreeShare for your review.

As you have already uploaded your family tree to Ancestry, the next time you use TreeShare, you don’t get a duplicate tree, nor does it simply overwrite and update your Ancestry tree automatically, it presents you with a table of changes made by person for you to approve each change (refer “Viewing RootsMagic and Ancestry Persons Side by Side”), or it may give you the option to add a new person to Ancestry if they aren’t already there (refer “Matching People Between RootsMagic and Ancestry”).

If you make changes directly into Ancestry, TreeShare gives you the option to approve these changes to your RootsMagic database as well.

If you are only working in RM, another option to the individualize approving of each subsequent change in RM to be moved to Ancestry is to delete the Ancestry tree and load the RM database again. It’s a very personal choice whether to do it that way or whether to individually approve each RM change to be moved to Ancestry.

Thank you. I appreciate the assistance. I have so much to learn. But very happy with the Roots Magic database so far.

Thank you for this suggestion. So much to learn. But turning 40 years of handwritten genealogy into electronic formats feels rewarding to me.